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Sun Pixies Pals Welcomes You

Sun Pixies are more than just mythical creatures carrying love, trust & pixie dust ~ they are said to have flittered about sprinkling their magical dust in their wake - leaving behind trails of euphoria, happiness and couples falling in love. It's not quite like that. Pixies are beings of light yet grounded to earth - they are healers, yet not all are ready to be healed.

As you seek completeness of being, you've probably noticed so many people around you who seem to have it all, wealth, love, success, friends and seem to smile constantly. From just watching, it may seem as though they are divinely favored, allowing them to achieve creation of their dreams into reality, but the truth is that it's usually the other way around. Internal perspective, clarity, and alignment with your soul purpose leads to external abundance.

Abundance begins within you, with your thoughts and attitude. With an abundance of inner strength, clarity of purpose and malleable determination, there's no limit to what the world can provide for you.

Life Affirmation Services Available by Phone

Let Sunny Befriend You

Happiness Awaits You

Minimum call 5 minutes, add more minutes during the last 60 seconds of your call to contine receiving sound listening service & guide life goal acquisition

Terms & Conditions Apply

Sun Pixie Path to Happiness

The world is a closed circle; energy can't be created, only transformed, and every single thing on this planet is linked to each other through the unified field. This means that you are connected to your neighbors and everyone else, to the physical earth, and to higher planes and Source, and what you do affects your personal energy as well as the energy around you. You see this in little ways every day. Think about how easy it is to get sucked into someone else's bad mood when they're nearby—their energy can literally drag yours down.

But the reverse is true as well, and positive energy can also spread like energetic wildfire. In fact, that is what you are doing by studying energy healing and walking the path of light; you are helping to raise your own vibration, which raises the vibrations of those around you, and collectively, the universe at large. This is no small thing—energy may be invisible, but it is more powerful than anything you can see with your eyes, and as it heals you, it heals the whole planet.

It is this same principle of interconnectedness that guides abundance. Your thoughts and emotions have their own energy, and what you think about, obsess about, will eventually manifest. You give it weight by thinking and feeling about it so much. This has been proven in studies that show how effective prayer is. Thought and emotion together push that energy out into the world where the desire can be formed and returned to you. Abundance is as simple as a consistent, meaningful request to the universe, accompanied by giving back what you hope to receive.

$1.50 per minute via Keen

Add more time during last 60 seconds of your call

So if you spend all your time thinking about the fact that you don't have enough money, the universe sees that as a request, and you will be provided with a continued absence of money. If you constantly lament the fact that you're not in a relationship, it will be hard to find one. If you are always worried about getting sick, then the universe will provide you with an illness. The universe will give you what you put your energy into, so if you want to manifest the good, you have to shift your focus and attitude.

If you want more money, start donating what you can spare. If you want more love, adopt a pet. Be of service without expectations. True abundance is an inner knowing that you are living the best version of yourself, so switch from focusing on the lack of what you want to focusing on bringing what you want into your life so you can be that best version.

Sometimes I find students can't manifest their desires because they don't really believe they deserve them. If your thoughts contradict your emotions, the universe tends to hear your feelings. You may think you want more peace, but if you secretly feel you deserve to be punished for past mistakes, you will continue to be punished. Energy healing techniques like meditation and journaling to release those negative emotions can help you adjust your thoughts toward the positive, and allow you to attract the abundance you want and deserve.

Daily from 6am EST to roughly 2pm - I'm there when you need me. Sign up with Verified Call for notifications of when I'm online at other convenient spontaneous times

Sun Pixies Pals for your Path

That One Needed Call

All of us have that moment of darkness, when we feel there's no one else to talk to. In that hour of need, let Sun Pixies light your path. I will listen to your fears and help you abolish them. I will listen to your dreams and help you reach them. I will provide you with non-judgemental support and direction to bring about the shift in focus you need to manifest the bounty that is available to you.

You are Worth $1.55

Allow Yourself to Heal Now

Pixie Flings

Other times in our lives, we find we need someone to hold our hands and walk with us a ways. Your calls are always confidential and I follow counseling protocals in my efforts to bring new and increase the present love and light in your life. $1.25 per minute, minimum 5 minute call. You will have the opportunity to add more time within the last minute of your call. No appointment needed, call as often or as a little as you need to via Verified Call.

$1.25 per minute via Verified Call

Walk a Path of Light

Pixie Pals, Face to Face

These sessions are conducted via Skype. Sessions are pre-booked, pre-paid via and an appointment is set. These sessions may be more structured or more conversational to suit your needs. This is a great option for folks who simply wish to meet face to face rather than over the phone. $2.79 per min



Consistantly ranked at 5 stars, , has dilgently provided an attentive listening ear and kind, clear words of perspective.



To make an appointment for a Face to Face session via Skyprivate, You must be in my Skype Contacts list AND pre-book your Sun Pixie Pals Skype Time through A reservation time will be set for us to meet online after your payment has been confirmed. no-nudity. $2.79 per minute

stephannie1969 ($2.79/min)

Using Verified Call, you can securely, anonomously and confidentially call me NOW - $0.89 cents per min. Ten minute minimum. Call me Midnight-6am EST you need a kind ear and open heart. I'm here for you. Don't let yourself feel this way any longer - let go of your fears and embrace your future - call me

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